Central Wisconsin CAC Helps Business Survive Despite Crisis


On Friday, June 13, 2008, Glenville Timberwrights, a timber frame home builder in central Wisconsin, was devastated by the loss of their business’ building due to massive flooding. The loss occurred during the height of the construction season and Glenville Timberwright had signed contracts that needed to be filled, deadlines to be met and clients and subcontractors depending on their business. The business struggled to find space for their materials to keep their business afloat. Then, at the peak of the crisis, the economy and the construction industry took a nose dive.  Banks stopped lending no matter what the business’ legacy or great credit history. In dire need, Glenville Timberwrights turned to Central Wisconsin Community Action Agency (CWCAC).  CWCAC had received funds from the USDA for flood-impacted businesses. By the anniversary of the flood, Glenville Timberwrights’ new building was erected. Fast forward to 2015.  Glenville Timberwight’s has a beautiful, energy-efficient building are proud to say that our core group of employees is still working full time with the company. To date, a large amount of the loaned money has been repaid and Glenville Timberwrights has successfully survived its crisis. Continue reading

A Job & Business Development Story - JADE Spring

In a bottled water industry dominated by big corporations like Nestle and Coca-Cola, JADE Spring is unique. Since 2003 this woman-owned business near Osseo, WI has been bottling water that flows naturally from its own artesian well. JADE Spring collects the water, filters it, and bottles it-nothing more. And because of the purity and good taste of the water-nothing more is needed. Today they bottle and ship over 6000 bottles a month, most to regional businesses.
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