Flavor 8 Bottling LLC – A Job & Business Development Success Story

Dave Talo along with his wife and two sons live in Outagamie County. Dave first contacted CAP Services in April 2010, e-mailing asking if “CAP Services could help make my small business idea a reality.” The previous fall, he finished a business plan for a small bottling production facility, Dave’s Bottling LLC, that would create one full-time and two part-time jobs at start-up. He was having trouble finding financing, with comments that he lacked the experience for this type of business. He asked for help to re-write his business plan to better demonstrate his experience, skill set, and knowledge.

In October 2010, CAP Services successfully competed for a new business assistance product—the USDA’s Rural Microenterprise Assistance Program (RMAP). It would provide rural businesses with 10 or fewer full-time employees a source of affordable and flexible capital with no income limits for either borrowers or their employees. Staff contacted him and found he continued to work on his marketing research and re-write his business plan. He needed $150,000 to open the business. He had acquired a new business partner, John Mathison; and, each partner contributed $30,000 to the project for a total of $60,000. This allowed them to obtain the remaining $90,000 in total loans from CAP Services, the Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation and Associated Bank.

Flavor 8 Bottling LLC was established in February 2011 and began full production and distribution of their product, Flavor 8 Soda Pop, in August 2011. Talo and Mathison grew up in the 60’s and 70’s drinking great tasting, sugar-based sodas at family-friendly prices. The glass bottled, multiple-flavored soda was brought to most family functions, served iced cold and enjoyed by both kids and adults. Flavor 8 Bottling wants their soda pop to be the type of treat that will not only remind people of how things tasted during simpler times, but will be something to share for generations to come. The soda will be produced using a restored, vintage line that was used during the 60’s and 70’s.

Flavor 8 Bottling, located in New London, Wisconsin, produces and distributes its multi-flavored soda to specialty stores and various other outlets in the Northeast Wisconsin region. To purchase Flavor 8 soda, visit www.Flavor8Bottling.com. You can also purchase directly from the Flavor 8 production facility in New London.

Feedback from customers has been very positive and interest from specialty stores to carry this product is high. Two additional part-time floor production staff have been hired and their account base has grown from 32 to 60 major re-sellers. Their distribution area now stretches as far as Slinger and Jackson, just north of Milwaukee and west to Stevens Point. Dave and John distribute through Johnson Distributing in Stevens Point as well as TV and radio advertising.

They are in the process of purchasing their next filling line, which will more than double their per hour output; again, keeping it vintage and repurposing an early 1960’s vintage bottling line. Their passion for this industry is evidenced by the work they are doing counseling other around the country who also want to start returnable bottle soda facilities. Dave will be attending the New England Independent Bottlers Association meeting in Massachusetts in April 2013 to feed his growing thirst for knowledge of this industry. As Flavor 8 Bottling’s business continues to grow, Dave and John are finding themselves thinking about a larger, tailor-made facility that will help them bring the product to a new level.

Dave Talo and John Mathison, owners of Flavor 8 Bottling.
Dave Talo and John Mathison, owners of Flavor 8 Bottling.

 Flavor 8 Bottling LLC
1207 West Waupaca Street
New London, WI 54961
Dave Talo: (920) 419-0207
John Mathison: (920) 470-7484
Self-Employment: RMAP

Business Start:  August 2011, Waupaca County

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