Workforce Development Services:
UMOS (United Migrant Opportunities Services) is committed to developing and advancing Wisconsin’s workforce to meet employer expectations. By recognizing the complex needs of job seekers, UMOS uses an integrated, wrap-around approach in assisting individuals connect to work. This integrated workforce model increases job seeker access to an array of employment, training and related support services.

Workforce development professionals from multiple government, non-profit and for-profit organizations work toward a shared vision of seamless service delivery; thereby providing efficient workforce development and related services objectives of benefit to both job seekers and employers.

In 2012-13, UMOS workforce development staff served over 3,000 job seekers each month through various workforce development programs. Services provided included career exploration/planning, job search assistance, education, occupational skills training, job development, placement, retention, and more.

Workforce development programs are provided through UMOS’ “one-stop” Job Center. Programs and services administered at the Job Center include: Wisconsin Works/W-2 program; WIA Adult Services Program; WIA-167 National Farmworkers Jobs program; FSET; Children First, Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood program; the Healthy Marriage Initiative; and the Transitional Jobs Program.

National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP):
The purpose of the National Farmworker Jobs Program is to enable migrant farm workers to help themselves improve their economic well-being, their education, their health, and their housing so they may better realize their potential. For those migrants wishing to find more stable employment, UMOS collaborates with numerous schools and other educational institutions on the provision of GED and ESL, as well as with employers on educational and skills training efforts.

UMOS operates the National Farmworker Jobs Program with an array of services to farmworkers and their families: employment and training, job placement assistance, on-the-job training, aptitude assessment, job retention training, job club, short-term skills training and/or counseling and family counseling.


UMOS services positively impacted 246 program participants and family members. Through a related component, the Community Crisis Relief Program, 1,595 individuals and family members received assistance. Community Crisis relief funding assists with food, gasoline for work, emergency shelter and other related emergencies, as well as educational services and work-related equipment.

For more information on the UMOS National Farmworker Jobs Program, contact Carmen Castro at 414.389.6000 or

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