Lakeshore CAP Expands Emergency Housing Services in Sheboygan

Blog Posts-Lakeshore CAP-May 2014

Lakeshore CAP Emergency Housing Personnel

On May 4th, Lakeshore CAP began serving as the consolidated intake agency for the Sheboygan County Housing Coalition. Known as the Sheboygan Housing Assistance Center, or SHAC, this function had previously been part of the Salvation Army of Sheboygan County’s operation. In the fall of 2013 the Salvation Army advised members of the coalition that they would be discontinuing operation of SHAC by June of 2014. The coalition put forth an RFP that was successfully answered by Lakeshore CAP.

Putting SHAC into operation required securing new office space in Sheboygan, hiring new staff, and developing new relationships with local agencies and funding sources. Lakeshore CAP had been a long time member of the Sheboygan Housing Coalition so most relationships were in place. With the help of Family Connections, a lease was quickly executed providing the space required to operate the program. Lakeshore’s presence in Sheboygan went from a small office in a bank building to an office suite capable of handling the 2,000 plus people per year seeking assistance in Sheboygan. The operations of SHAC will be funded through a combination of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds through the City of Sheboygan, United Way funding, and state Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) funds.

 While serving the emergency housing needs in Sheboygan is part of Lakeshore CAP’s core mission, the increased office space and greater staff presence in the Sheboygan area will present opportunities for greater collaboration in other areas of interest to Lakeshore CAP. We look forward to working with the local family resource center to provide some services developed in Manitowoc as well as to be in a position to deliver youth service programming in cooperation with Sheboygan County Human Services. With a larger and more impactful presence in the county, Lakeshore CAP can look forward to advancing its mission by emphasizing the “Community” in Community Action.

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