North Central Community Action Program

The mission of NCCAP is to act as an advocate, provider, and facilitator of programs and services for low-income individuals in Lincoln, Marathon, and Wood Counties (WI). NCCAP seeks to create opportunities for people and communities to obtain skills, identify and utilize resources, and explore innovative options necessary to reduce poverty and increase self-sufficiency.

Programs / Services

This is a general overview of the services provided by this CAA. Please contact the agency directly for more information on the programs they offer in your county.

  • Education/Skills Enhancement
  • Adult Literacy Skills
  • Skills Enhancement Program
  • Employment Training
  • Economic/Business Development
  • Business Development
  • Business Revolving Loan Programs
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Weatherization Programs
  • Food Security/Environmental
  • Emergency Food Assistance
  • Community Meal Programs/Holiday Baskets
  • Housing
  • Rent Payment Assistance/Section 8
  • Rental Assistance Programs
  • Refugee/Migrant Services
  • Youth and Young Adult Services
  • Education Skills
  • Mentoring Program