Northwest CSA Takes on a New Challenge

Community Action Agencies know starting a program from scratch is never easy; taking over a program previously run by another agency is even more challenging.

This summer, Northwest Wisconsin Community Services Agency, Inc. (NWCSA) acquired the former Superior-Douglas County Senior Citizen Center. Now known as the Senior Center, this program is in its fledgling stage. 

Located at 1527 Tower Avenue in Superior, the Center has been providing a place for seniors to gather since the 1960’s; the current location was built in 1991.  Center activities include exercise, card games, crafts, Bingo and computer classes. The Center is also a congregate meal site.

NWCSA hopes to bring new blood to the Center by adding activities, increasing membership and connecting with city and county aging programs.  We believe in involving community members, youth and businesses to aid, and learn, from seniors.

Though it’s only been a short time, progress has been made and ideas are free flowing.  Within two weeks, the new owners hosted their first event—a free Ice Cream Social.

As far as challenge goes, we’ll let the reader decide… a new manager, an office crammed with old files and new ways of doing things, hundreds of loose keys no one can identify, a basement full of decades of holiday cheer and, enough chairs to hold the worlds’ largest Cake Walk.  A challenge?  Definitely! But worth it? Even more so!

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