Tanya Beyer Earns RN Degree with Help from WestCAP

Sometimes, stopping to read what’s on a bulletin board can make a real difference in your life.

That’s what happened to Elmwood native Tanya Beyer in January of 2010. “I was taking classes at Chippewa Valley Technical School in River Falls when I noticed a WestCAP (West Central Community Action Agency) flyer on the bulletin board in the hall,” she said.

Beyer had earned her Medical Assistant Degree from Minneapolis Business College following graduation from Elmwood High School and at the time was working toward her Associate Degree in Nursing.

After reading the flyer, Tanya contacted WestCAP and asked if they could help her. They could, and with their encouragement, Tanya enrolled in West CAP’s Skills Enhancement Program which provides case management and financial assistance to individuals at or below 150% of the federal poverty level.

“They helped me with mileage costs for attending school as well as daycare expenses. They paid the daycare directly. It really helped me out,” she explained adding, “I already had financial aid. If I hadn’t, I could have gotten help from WestCAP for those expenses as well.”

Tanya was working as a Medical Assistant for Hudson Physicians when her husband, Twain was injured on the job. “He hurt his back at work in 2008. At first Workman’s Compensation denied his claim, so we were way down in income. That was eventually resolved, but then his back surgery left permanent nerve damage leaving Twain unable to hold a full time job, so now he’s a stay-at-home dad,” said Tanya.

Obviously the loss of income caused an economic hardship for this family with two small children, Pride age 8 and Kalena age 6.

It was then that Tanya decided to go back to school to earn her Associate Degree in Nursing to increase her income. “I graduated in May, and now I work as a registered nurse in Hudson. I have basically the same responsibilities in my position as Assistant to Nursing Supervision, but I have gotten a pay raise because of my education,” said Tanya.

Currently she is enrolled in online courses at Capella University earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. “I’m so used to going to school now, that I just decided to keep going, so I enrolled in this program,” she said with a smile. “It will be a year and a half before I complete my degree, but if I were to ever leave Hudson Physicians, I’ll have this additional education.”

The chances of her leaving Hudson are pretty slim. “I just love my job. I’ve been there for 17 years. The people I work with are like my family,” she added.

Stephanie Stark, West CAP Literacy & Skills Enhancement Coordinator, said, “Tanya has worked very hard to accomplish her goals and help her family. It was a pleasure to have some part in helping her attain her goals.”

She then provided additional information on what WestCap has to offer. “The West CAP Skills Enhancement Program is designed to assist low-wage, working adults to access short-term training programs that will provide an opportunity to increase wages and gain access to employer provided health insurance.

Short-term training is defined as two years or less for a technical school program, or a condensed training program such as CNA or CDL training. It is not intended for individuals who are enrolled in a four-year degree program unless they hold at least a junior status and will graduate within two years.

Skills Enhancement participants may be eligible for assistance with tuition related expenses, training related transportation costs, and assistance with child care costs incurred while attending school. The Skills Enhancement Program is designed to be an on-going partnership with the client, not a source of one-time assistance.

Skills Enhancement Program participants can benefit by attending classes part time so that they can continue to work. They can also increase their earning potential and gain access to employer sponsored health insurance benefits, and increase their wages.

With her new job, Tanya has increased her wages and now is able to support her family. They no longer need financial assistance,” noted Stephanie.

If you would like additional information, you may contact Stephanie at 715-410-4735.

Congratulations to Tanya on her accomplishments and much appreciation to WestCAP for this valuable program.

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