WISCAP’s Community Development Initiative Takes Off

In November of 2011, WISCAP began offering services to rural communities with issues related to community facility development and management. The Community Development Services (CDS) program provides training, services and technical assistance in the areas of: housing, economic development, downtown development and public facilities development.

Since its inception one year ago, the initiative has developed twelve distinct projects for nine communities in northern Wisconsin. Projected first year income for the CDS program is $79,580. The goal for 2013 is to increase CDS contracts to $100,000 in services.

CDS services, determined by community needs, emphasize self-help and typically include concentrated on-site assistance to build technical, financial and managerial capacity—helping communities to help themselves. Services are provided on a fee-for-service basis under an agreement/contract specifying the scope of services, deliverables, timelines, total fees and payment arrangements.

If you are interested in learning more about WISCAP’s Community Development Services, go here.

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