Agencies Providing Housing Stabilization Services

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WISCAP’s partners have distributed over $260M in Emergency Rent Assistance. With federal funds exhausted, Community Action Agencies are providing housing stabilization services in 68 counties. These services include case management, legal and lease application assistance and connection to local services and supports to try to keep people in housing. To find your local agency to inquire about their Housing Stabilization Services.

The table below lists the 14 agencies that are  funds. For each agency there is a phone number and a preferred online contact listed. Please contact them this way if at all possible.

Map of agencies operating WERA

Agency/Agencía Phone Number/Número telefónico Online Contact/Contacto en línea
1. ADVOCAP  920-922-7760 ADVOCAP
2. CAP Services   844-314-8004 CAP Services
3. Central Wisconsin CAC   608-254-8353 Email/Correo electrónico:
4. Community Action, Inc.   608-313-1337 CAI
5. Couleecap   844-267-0033 Couleecap
6. Lakeshore CAP   920-682-3737 Lakeshore
7. Newcap   800-242-7334 Newcap
8. North Central CAP   715-842-0681 Email/Correo electrónico:
9. Northwest CSA   715-392-5127, Extension 102 Email/Correo electrónico:
10. Racine Kenosha CAA   Racine: 262-637-8377

Kenosha: 262-657-0840

11. Southwest CAP   608-935-2326, option 3 or ext. 290 SWCAP
12. West CAP   715-598-4750, Option 1 Email/Correo electrónico:
13. Western Dairyland EOC  Clark: 715-530-5044

Eau Claire: 715-530-5054
Jackson & Buffalo: 715-530-2802
Trempealeau: 608-863-4000


Email/Correo electrónico:

14. Energy Services, Inc.   833-900-9372 Energy Services
E. Entitlement Area/
Zonas de Derecho
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Entitlement Areas

In the federal relief package that funds WERA, 6 areas of Wisconsin with populations over 200,000 are considered entitlement areas. This means they are receiving funding for rental assistance but are not a part of WERA. If you live in an entitlement area, you will need to contact the local organizations providing this service for information on their program.

Las Zonas de Derecho

En el paquete federal de ayudas que patrocina WERA, se consideran zonas de derecho a seis áreas de Wisconsin con poblaciónes de más de 200.000. Esto quiere decir que reciben fondos en ayuda de renta pero no son parte de WERA. Si Ud reside en una zona de derecho, tendrá que ponerse en contacto con las organizaciones locales que proporcionan información sobre este servicio en su programa.

Entitlement Area
Zona de Derecho
Sitio Web
Brown County Newcap 800-242-7334 Click Here/
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Waukesha County Community Advocates 414-270-4646 Click Here/
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Milwaukee County Community Advocates 414-270-4646 Click Here/
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City of Milwaukee Social Development Commission 414-906-2700 Click Here/
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Dane County & City of Madison Urban Triage, Community Action Coalition
for South Central Wisconsin
608-299-4128 Click Here/
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Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) is being coordinated by WISCAP and local CAAs, is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, and is funded by the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program through the U.S. Department of Treasury.