Our Members

For an interactive map of our members please visit:
https://wiscap.org/member-agencies/ . This map will allow you to hover over your county and get your agency contact information. You can also click on the county and it will take you to that agency’s website.

WISCAP has 18 member agencies, you can see the 16 community action agencies in the map below. There are two WISCAP members that are statewide agencies and therefore not depicted on this county map:

  1. Foundation for Rural Housing: This agency provides housing assistance funding in 69 counties in the State of Wisconsin. They have been assisting low income residents since 1970.
  2. UMOS: This agency provides programs and services which improve the employment, educational, healthy and housing opportunities of under-served populations.

Below is a PDF file of an insert in our Annual Report. This insert provides contact information for all WISCAP member agencies and also summarizes some of the most prominent programs that each offers.