To celebrate Community Action Month, WISCAP chooses “In the Arena: The Story of Community Action in Wisconsin” as our staff pick of May!

Wisconsin’s community action agencies were formed out of the crucible of the “War on Poverty” in the 1960s, and since their inception fifty years ago, they have been working to help low-income individuals and families partake on an equal footing in the economic and social life of their communities. How this came about is the story of “In the Arena”. It is a grand story, an adventure dealing with important issues and interesting individuals. Like all adventures, the story of community action in Wisconsin has its share of good guys and villains; of advances and setbacks; of successes and failures; of humor and optimism; and of sadness and fear. But beyond all that, it is a story of people—people believing in their ability to effectuate change, believing in the dream of opportunity for their local communities, believing in the worth and value of their fellow low-income neighbors.

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