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Northwest CSA Takes on a New Challenge

Community Action Agencies know starting a program from scratch is never easy; taking over a program previously run by another agency is even more challenging.

This summer, Northwest Wisconsin Community Services Agency, Inc. (NWCSA) acquired the former Superior-Douglas County Senior Citizen Center. Now known as the Senior Center, this program is in its fledgling stage.  Continue Reading

Oconto Falls High School Tech-Ed Class (and NEWCAP) At It Again

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The Oconto Falls High School’s Tech-Ed Class worked hard the month of August to get a good start on a second duplex built for elderly/handicapped area people. The Community Housing Project began in 2002 when a donated lot on Fifth Street in Oconto was developed into the very first fully accessible, universally designed duplex.  It was such a great project, addressing an important community need, that it was decided to continue to develop safe and affordable housing for handicapped individuals and the elderly.

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North Central CAP Commemorates 50 Years of Community Action

Community Action is commemorating 50 years of existence in 2014. In 1964 our nation declared an “unconditional war on poverty.” In President Johnson’s first State of the Union address on January 8, 1964 he brought up the concept of a war on poverty:

“Unfortunately, many Americans live on the outskirts of hope-some because of their poverty, and some because of their color, and all too many because of both. Our task is to help replace their despair with opportunity. This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America. I urge this Congress and all Americans to join me in that effort. It will not be a short or easy struggle, no single weapon or strategy will suffice, but we shall not rest until the war is won. The richest nation on earth can afford to win it. We cannot afford to lose it. Poverty is a national problem, requiring improved national organization and support. But this attack, to be effective, must be organized at the State and the local level and must be supported and directed by State and local efforts.”   Continue Reading

MG&E Rate Case Press Release

September 24, 2014 – The Wisconsin Community Action Program Association [WISCAP] is among those expressing their opposition to the plans of three Wisconsin electric utilities to institute sweeping and regressive changes to how customers are charged for electricity usage.

Madison Gas & Electric, We Energies, and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation are proposing new rate structures that would fundamentally change how customers pay for electricity.  Rather than residential utility bills being based primarily on how much electricity a customer uses, these large investor owned utilities want customers to pay a high fixed monthly fee just for being connected to the electric system, regardless of how much electricity they use.

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Governor Scott Walker, on May 5, 2014, issued a Certificate of Commendation to WISCAP in honor of its 40th anniversary. The Commendation read:

WHEREAS; there are 16 agencies in the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) working and collaborating with local communities to effectively mobilize human and financial resources to combat and prevent the causes of poverty, and help people achieve economic self-sufficiency; and

WHEREAS; their statewide partners are the United Migrant Opportunity Services, the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, and the Foundation for Rural Housing; and

WHEREAS; WISCAP has contributed major programming in the areas of affordable housing, weatherization and rehabilitation of homes, employment, entrepreneurship, Head Start, food and nutrition, community economic development, health, education, and many other programs; and

WHEREAS; WISCAP includes low-income people in their policy development in full partnership with the private sector and government;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Scott Walker, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby commend the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association agencies on their 40th anniversary.




The Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) is the statewide association for Wisconsin’s sixteen (16) Community Action Agencies and three single-purpose agencies with statewide focus. Read more


WISCAP Winter Quarterly Meeting

Feb 4, 2015 8:30 am

A Home for Everyone Conference

Jul 15, 2015

WISCAP Fall Quarterly Meeting

Nov 4, 2015 8:30 am


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