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Poverty Matters! Call for Workshop Proposals



 All workshop proposals are welcomed immediately and must be received by close of business on Friday, July 25, 2014. Proposals should be sent to Stephanie Mather at smather@wiscap.org or by fax to (608) 244-4064.

The WORD version can be accessed here: PM 2014-RFP

The PDF version can be accessed here: PM 2014-RFP

The 2014 ‘Poverty Matters!’ conference welcomes ALL workshop proposals and presentations addressing poverty problems and solutions.  The Conference Planning Committee especially invites proposals that address the following (specific ideas illustrative only):

  1. Strategies to Address Poverty:  We seek workshop proposals addressing effective strategies to address poverty in a single, specific subject area (to be selected by the proposer) of poverty’s various manifestations. We encourage proposals focusing on innovative strategies to address poverty but are also looking for proposals focusing on currently existing programs that are successful in their goals/objectives to address poverty.
  2. The ‘War on Poverty’:  We seek workshop proposals addressing the 50th anniversary of the ‘War on Poverty’, addressing such topics as:  historical overviews of various aspects of the founding of the ‘War on Poverty’ and/or its development over the years; the evolution of poverty and attitudes towards poverty since 1964; what the ‘War on Poverty’ looks like today and how it has changed; the impacts of larger societal trends on poverty programs and attitudes over the years; future directions for poverty programming and attitudes into the future.
  3. Professional Development:  We seek workshop proposals addressing such agency staff development topics as (examples only):  budgets/financial management; communication skills and styles; understanding and implementing ‘evidence-based’ programs; performance-based reimbursement programs; program development; grant writing; monitoring and evaluation; conflict management; staff leadership challenges; motivation; coaching and mentoring; etc.
  4. Healthcare and the Poor:  We seek workshop proposals addressing the various aspects of poverty as they relate to strategies/opportunities available for the provision of healthcare services (in either urban or rural settings), to either children, adults or families, and addressing comprehensive care, emergency care, dental work, diet, etc. We are also seeking proposals related to issues involved in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act as those issues pertain to low-income households.
  5. Self-Reliance & Sustainability:  We seek workshop proposals relevant to enhancing self-reliance of low-income individuals and households and to creating a more sustainable environment and culture, addressing such topics as (examples only):  financial literacy and education; community gardens; energy efficiency and other trends related to energy consumption; housing trends such as ‘tiny homes’, land trusts and co-ops; local economic strategies and development; sustainable agriculture; etc.

Please do not feel restricted by the above guidance.  If you have a workshop idea other than those above that you feel would be appropriate for the ‘Poverty Matters!’ conference, we encourage you to submit your idea.

Indianhead CAA Receives Governor’s Award for Excellence in Community Action

Governor's AwardIndianhead Community Action Agency (CAA) is the recipient of the 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Community Action. The agency, headquartered in Ladysmith and serving the northwest counties of Burnett, Clark, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor and Washburn, received the award for its business development program, which helps low-income entrepreneurs start up their own businesses. As new entrepreneurs are successful, they also offer a ‘hand up’ to other rural entrepreneurs or workers. This gives other individuals employment or a chance for skills development, further expanding opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and for growing communities. Continue Reading

Annual Meeting and 40th Anniversary Commemoration Recap

The Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) held its annual meeting and 40th anniversary commemoration on May 8th and 9th at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison.

WISCAP was incorporated in 1974 as a private, not-for-profit association to serve the training and public advocacy needs of Wisconsin’s Community Action network. In addition to the 40th anniversary of WISCAP’s incorporation, 2014 also represents the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaiming a ‘war on poverty’ across the nation. The creation and formation of Community Action Agencies were core components of that ‘war on poverty’.
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Lakeshore CAP Expands Emergency Housing Services in Sheboygan

Blog Posts-Lakeshore CAP-May 2014

Lakeshore CAP Emergency Housing Personnel

On May 4th, Lakeshore CAP began serving as the consolidated intake agency for the Sheboygan County Housing Coalition. Known as the Sheboygan Housing Assistance Center, or SHAC, this function had previously been part of the Salvation Army of Sheboygan County’s operation. In the fall of 2013 the Salvation Army advised members of the coalition that they would be discontinuing operation of SHAC by June of 2014. The coalition put forth an RFP that was successfully answered by Lakeshore CAP. Continue Reading

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Governor Scott Walker, on May 5, 2014, issued a Certificate of Commendation to WISCAP in honor of its 40th anniversary. The Commendation read:

WHEREAS; there are 16 agencies in the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) working and collaborating with local communities to effectively mobilize human and financial resources to combat and prevent the causes of poverty, and help people achieve economic self-sufficiency; and

WHEREAS; their statewide partners are the United Migrant Opportunity Services, the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, and the Foundation for Rural Housing; and

WHEREAS; WISCAP has contributed major programming in the areas of affordable housing, weatherization and rehabilitation of homes, employment, entrepreneurship, Head Start, food and nutrition, community economic development, health, education, and many other programs; and

WHEREAS; WISCAP includes low-income people in their policy development in full partnership with the private sector and government;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Scott Walker, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby commend the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association agencies on their 40th anniversary.




The Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) is the statewide association for Wisconsin’s sixteen (16) Community Action Agencies and three single-purpose agencies with statewide focus. Read more


WI Skills Enhancement Participant Wins National Contest, Speaks in Washington DC
Amy Treptow, participant of West CAP’s Skills Enhancement Program, is the winner of the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty Storyteller Contest, sponsored by the Half in Ten campaign and the...
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