Community Action Month in Wisconsin 2021

May 6, 2021

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Whereas;  one in ten Wisconsinites lives below the federal poverty line,
and more than 18,000 kids and youthacross our state experiencedpicture of proclamation homelessness in 2019; and

Whereas; community action agencies are robust state and local forces that connect the people they serve to lifechanging services and create pathways to prosperity, and they can be found in almost every county in the United States; and

Whereas; community action agencies in Wisconsin have made essential contributions to our state, creating economic opportunities for low-income and working poor Wisconsinites and strengthening our communities; and
Whereas; the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) is comprised of 16 community action agencies, United Migrant Opportunity Services, and the Foundation for Rural Housing, which work together to fight poverty and help folks across our state achieve economic self-sufficiency; and

Whereas; since 1974, community action agencies in Wisconsin have contributed to policy development , community support and advocacy, and programming in the areas of affordable housing, weatherization, food security, employment, entrepreneurship, child development, community economic development, health, and education; and

Whereas; Wisconsin ‘ s community action agencies are committed to incorporating and amplifying the voices of the people living in the communities they serve, with a board structure that includes low-income individuals and families, elected officials or their representatives, and local professionals, groups, and interests ; and

Whereas; while the COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique and unprecedented challenges over the past year, our community action agencies have consistently stepped up to meet these challenges , developing creative and innovative ways to ensure that all Wisconsinites continue to have access to the quality services and programming they need; and

Whereas; this month, the state of Wisconsin renews its resolve to partner with community action agencies and groups like WISCAP to fight inequities, reduce economic disparities, and provide resources and support to individuals, families, and communities throughout our state;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Tony Evers, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby proclaim May 2021 as
throughout the State of Wisconsin and I commend this observance to all our state’s residents.